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Despite the fact that the Covid pandemic has hit India very hard with about 12 million corona infected, Sisters International’s partner, Eternal Word Ministries, continues to reach out to India’s population.

The women who have come to the Naomi Sisters home have found refuge in the women’s home, out of slavery, prostitution, beatings and exclusion. Here they receive a time of redress, where they receive rehabilitation for spirit, soul and body. They get a chance to build faith and get hope for a better future. They can finally lift their eyes and look to the future.

In 2022, about 80 women have participated in the rehabilitation program at NSH.

Children of Gantharvakkottai area

Since the lockdown in India in March 2020, Eternal Word Ministries has been working in the villages in the Gantharvakkottai area, repeatedly assisting these poor villagers with food and clean water. The people who live in the area live far below existence-
minimum even by Indian standards, and living in very primitive and simple conditions.

They live in huts made of wood and bamboo with plastic blinds to the ceiling. They do not have access to clean drinking water and very poor sanitary conditions. As it has been impossible for them to find work and earn money for a living, they have been particularly vulnerable when the pandemic hit India. In addition, many of them are casteless and therefore completely excluded from receiving help from the authorities.

Through the support of Sisters International in Sweden, EWM was able to make an effort for all the children in these poor villages, a total of 165 children, as they arranged a Christmas program for them.

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