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India is one of the most affected countries in the world by the Covid-19 pandemic with many millions infected and dead. It is a country that has already been very affected and segregation cuts right through the country. During the pandemic, India’s poor have increased by 75 million people (Pew Research Center). It has plunged the country into mass poverty. Add to that several million women living in prostitution and the misery becomes apparent.

In the midst of this – and the chaos that the Covid-19 pandemic caused the country in the spring of 2020 – there are sanctuaries for people who need help. Sisters International operates in India together with the mission and aid organization EWM, Eternal Word Ministries, the two women’s homes, Naomi Sisters Home 1 and 2. There is room for almost 80 women, who through committed women in Sweden have had their refuge into a transformed life.

When the pandemic broke out, they had to change their routines based on the health authority’s very strict regulations. The country was shut down altogether. To avoid the spread of infection among both residents and staff at NSH 1 and 2, the women had to wear masks, use hand sanitizer daily and keep more distance from each other, both during the day and where they slept.

The women at Naomi Sisters Home have helped in food distribution in poor villages.
One of the women, who came to NSH at a very critical stage in her life and was rescued from prostitution and whose three children were also allowed to come to EWM’s orphanage, says:
“I can’t believe that me and my children were given this opportunity. With tears in her eyes, she continues: “I wouldn’t be alive today if I hadn’t come to the women’s home. And imagine, I’ve been involved in saving other people’s lives during the pandemic by distributing food to the poor in villages where they had no food. It’s really made an impact and done something big in my life.”

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