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Loving People Giving Hope

Giving Hope to women and children in India, Romania, Ukraine and Sweden.

Since the birth 2008 Sisters International has been involved in making the life better for thousands of women in different parts of the world. Two houses for women coming from trafficking and violence has been built in India, an After School project has evolved among roma children and Sisters Christmas Bags has been delivered every year to thousands of women in Sweden.

“I'm going to be sitting alone this Christmas... this Sisters bag with all the luxuries means so much to me. It will be my Christmas...”

A homeless womanShe got a Sisters Christmas Bag

Sisters International is working and networking with the goal of showing Love and giving Hope to women and children in different parts of the world.

Helping women and children from Ukraine

Helping women and children from Ukraine

Naomi Sisters Home

Naomi Sisters Home



Rontau, Romania

Rontau, Romania

Sisters International

Sisters International is a Swedish women’s association with members and local groups all over the country. At Sisters International you will find a network that can give you friendship, encouragement, teaching and growth, as well as an opportunity to channel the gifts that are in your life. The Sisters annually host conferences, leadership days and run a mentorship program.
Sisters Christmas bags is a project aimed at spreading joy and hope to women in Sweden who live in addiction, homelessness, prostitution or in prisons. Sisters International also works actively in Romania and India, to give hope and see a change in vulnerable women and children in those countries.

Read about the help to Ukrainian Refugees

October 14, 2022

Special operations for refugees

The organization ASOCIATIA CRESTINA VALUL INCHINARI existed in northern Romania and quickly this organisation began to help refugees. Anastasia was one of the young girls rescued by our partner organization.…
September 23, 2022

Teams from KJMC helping in Kyiv

Every day, teams from KJMC have been walking around in the city of Kyev, providing the most needy with food, medicines, things that families with children need and practical help.…
July 30, 2022

Helping refugees in Oradea

Oradea – Ukrainan Refugees A few months into the war, Caminul Felix and CBEE – Colegiul Biblic Est European, among others, received a wave of refugees, some of whom even…
June 21, 2022

Teams helping refugees in the suburbans of Kyiv

At one point, the team from KJMC went to Hostomel for the distribution of 340 servings of pilaf prepared on site. Medicine and food were delivered to people who needed…

A vibrant work culture that has the goal to give love and hope is our secret

We have been supported in different ways from companies, nonprofits and the members of Sisters International

We have sponsored Sisters Christmas Bags:

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